Cost Saving and More, Here are the Strong Reasons Why Your Facility Needs An Air Dryer

Compressed air is used for carrying out many industrial processes. Compressed air might carry traces of water. The humidity can cause great damage to your equipment. Compressed air containing moisture- when it reaches dew point temperature- can be condensed into a harmful liquid. This can result in the contamination of products or equipment. The equipment can erode over a period of time. It can cause pipes to freeze. Therefore, it is essential to remove the excess water vapour present in the compressed air. Here air dryers come into play. Purchasing a good quality air dryer from the best air dryer manufacturer in Ahmedabad can assure that your equipment keeps running without damage for long.

What is the function of an air dryer?

The air dryer removes moisture from the air by cooling it with a refrigerant. In order to compress air, it condenses the water vapour. The dry compressed air produced from this process can widely be used in compressed air equipment ensuring that no damage is caused to the equipment. Through cold generated adsorption drying, air dryers ensure that the amount of vapour present in the air is reduced significantly. For this, the air is passed through granulates. It further helps in reducing the due points.

How do air dryers remove vapour?

Air dryers have compact valves to carry out this process. If the air pressure is low then a microprocessor takes over the charge. With the help of a shuttle valve, it ensures that the amount of vapour is reduced. Air dryers have a pre-filter containing borosilicate glass fibre elements. The timer-based pre-filter drain valve, a prominent part of the air dryer, gets activated by the controller.

Which industries widely use air dryers?

Air dryers are extensively used in paint shops, instrumentation, hand tools, powder coating, CNC machines, automobile garages, dental equipment and pharma. Hospitals use them for applications like bone screws, stents and medical implants. They are also used for cleaning medical moulding. They are widely used in space science applications like cleaning orifices and turbine blades. They help in removing magnesium oxide insulators from thermocouple harnesses and further engrave optical lenses. In heavy industries, they are used for removing EDM recast and discolouration, giving perfect finishing and texturing injection to mould cavities and clean runner nozzles.  

Different types of air dryers and their application:

All air dryers work for the same purpose- removing excess moisture from the air. However, how they do it depends upon the type of air dryer you choose. The standard compressed systems can utilize below-mentioned air dryers.

Refrigerated dryers: In most of the industrial compressed air systems, you will find refrigerated dryers. It works on a simple mechanism. By using one or more heat exchangers, it cools down the hot compressed air. After that, it condenses out the bulk of the water. Through a separator, it removes the excess water and disposes of it through an automatic drain. This is a perfect dryer for the industries that do not function under extreme conditions. Out of all, this is the most convenient and cost-effective air dryer.   

Desiccant dryers: These air dryers are specially designed for industries working in extreme situations in very low temperatures. In such a situation, even a little bit of moisture can cause pipes to freeze. Such industries should opt for desiccant dryers. In these dryers, activated alumina is used to adsorb water from the compressed air. As per your facility’s requirements, you can opt for heated, heatless or blower purge models.

Speciality gas and liquid dryers: Some industries might be utilizing exotic or dangerous gases or liquids that need to be dried. For example, moisture from benzene, butane, hydrogen or landfill gases needs to be removed safely. There are speciality gas and liquid dryers available in the market that can serve the purpose.

Membrane dryers: It is important to dehumidify the air when it comes into the system. For this, membrane dryers are used. They can function without electricity, demand less maintenance and make no noise. No doubt, they are gaining popularity across industries.

Deliquescent dryers: Just like membrane dryers, these dryers too can function without electricity. They are cost-effective. They dehumidify air with a different technique. They work with a pressure vessel which contains a dissolving tablet that absorbs water vapour. Many industries have started using deliquescent dryers.

The needs of different industries may vary. You can select the air dryer that is the best suitable to fulfil your requirements. Air dryer manufacturers in Ahmedabad can also help you decide which air dryer is the best for your facility.  

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