Generator power management: an integral part of marine vessels and ships

Generator power management

The power management system is an imperative part of operations onboard ships. These days, ship engineers are advised to incorporate the best power-saving practices while carrying out on various operations for the vessels or ships. Generator power management is a part of the power management system of the ship.

The main power management system (PMS) comprises of two parts.
· Automatic Power Management Systems (uses automation to save power)
· By introducing the best practices and management guidelines reduces power consumption.
These days, for modernised vessels, automatic power management system (PMS) plays an important role. Some of the prime functions that are carried out by PMS are,
· Cutting in and out of the generators according to upsurge and reduction of load.
· Gradually loading and unloading of generator alternator sets. This way it minimises thermal and frictional stresses.
· Performs load sharing operations among the generators symmetrically or asymmetrically.
Diesel generators are the pivotal components of the PMS. All generators possess a maker’s specific minimum, maximum load criteria, along with optimum load criteria. When the generators are synchronized with PMS of the ships, engineers can change the minimum and maximum point beyond which the generator can’t be loaded. This can prohibit various stresses on the physical apparatuses of the generator.
Some ships are also tailored with a shaft motor which not only recompenses for a sudden drop in load but also, minimises shaft torque on engines. Now, many advanced ships are using a combined Shaft Motor/Generator set which is regulated by the PMS.
When generator sets are run in parallel, including, shaft generators, diesel generators and/or steam-driven turbine generator, the PMS almost completely controls the load on each component. Generally, in case of generators with equal load capacity, the load on the bus bar is distributed symmetrically on the alternators.
For efficient fuel consumption, it is always advisable run the minimum number of generators. Place them at an optimum load. For example, one generator running at 30% load may be more fuel-efficient than 2 running at 15%. Thus, you need to calculate the performance of the generators by their maximum and optimum rated capacity.

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