How to Pre-plan Your Funeral — The Why, When, and the How!

Most people in the world do not like to talk about death or anything related to it. They feel embarrassed and shy. But, we need to realize the death is imminent. Hence, we need to do everything possible to prepare well for the funeral. Our death should not pose an undue burden on the near and dear ones. Funeral directors are smart as they get funeral directors insurance Adelaide

They do not want to spend any money from their pocket if something goes wrong. 

Since life is going to end in a way that most of us will ever know, we should plan our funeral well. These are some elements that one needs to pre-plan so that everything goes smooth when we die:

Funeral Expenses Are Increasing

Funeral costs are skyrocketing every passing year. On average, the funeral costs are somewhere between $5000 to $12,000. 

The cost varies depending on the things that you choose for your funeral. For example, getting a casket, embalming the body are a few expenses. 

Now, these expenses do not include the costs of building a monument, tombstone, and flowers. The costs of the funeral are going to increase slow and subtly every year. 

If your family is not financially sound, your death might pose an undue burden on them. But, when you save money towards these expenses, they can be relieved in the dreadful hour of losing the loved one. 

Prepare the Wish List

Do you want your funeral to happen in a certain way, if yes, you should plan on preparing a wish list much before things go out of your hand? Let your family know what you expect them to do. 

When you handover the wish list to them, they will know what exactly they need to do for your funeral and not be in confusion. For example, you can have them take care of these aspects:

• Dress or Outfit that you want to wear while resting in the casket

• Songs you want the family members and friends to sing

• The location you want them to bury your body and so forth

If people do not know your preferences, they might end up doing what they like. But, when they know what exactly you want them to do, there is no room for confusion. 

Ensure that you provide as much detail as possible. If you just give a brief, people might commit mistakes and not do the funeral as per your wish.

Prepare a Funeral Bond

Funeral bonds are quite famous these days. They are one type of investment that will greatly relieve your loved ones at the time of your death. Besides, taking care of the funeral expenses, it will allow them to save some money which they can use to take care of themselves when you are gone. 

When you have a funeral bond in place, there is no need to cut down the expenses from your estate or bank accounts. Your loved ones will get everything that you want them to possess. 

Peace of Mind to You and Your Loved Ones

When you do not pre-plan for your funeral, you will be in worry, not knowing how your descendants will plan it. But, when you have everything written down in a piece of paper, you can relax and have peace of mind. 

First of all, you will know that your loved ones do not have to worry about paying the funeral expenses. Secondly, they will have all the instructions that are necessary to conduct the funeral services as per your wish and desire. 

Ways to Plan Funeral

These are somethings that you should plan on doing when you are pre-planning your funeral:

• Get Life Insurance so that your loved ones are protected when you are not here anymore.

• Get Life Insurance and add funeral director as a beneficiary so that a portion of the amount goes to him for funeral expenses. But, check with him to see if he has funeral directors insurance Adelaide.

Get a pre-need contract that covers various topics such as the urn or casket, grave market burial site, etc.

If you take pre-plan your funeral, your family members and loved ones will have one less thing to worry about in the vacuum that you will create by leaving them.

Chirag Shah
Chirag Shah

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