How to properly maintain your acoustic guitar?

How to properly maintain your acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar can bear a lot of things on its body, though it is considered as one of the delicate and sophisticated musical instruments. To lessen your maintenance cost and effort, it is always advisable to purchase your guitar from a reputed music store in Brisbane. Once you have purchased the guitar from an eminent guitar shop Brisbane, you need to take good care for it so that it can run long term.

Here, we are going to mention some tips on how can you clean your acoustic guitar properly.

How to clean your guitar

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Remove dirt and other chemicals by using a cloth:

Use a cotton cloth which has been dampened with warm water and then, use it removing most of the chemicals and dirt that have been stockpiled on your guitar. Don’t forget to wring out the cloth before using it in cleaning your instrument.

Use an old or unused toothbrush to clean your bridge and frets:

You can use an unused or old toothbrush to clean out the guitar bridge and frets. When you don’t have any strings on your acoustic guitar, then try to clean your fretboard. Because this can give you easy access to clean your fretboard. Try to use a toothbrush when it is in dry condition.

Condition your fretboard:

Once you have cleaned everything, you need to condition your fretboard. After conditioning your fretboard, you should wipe fretboard with lemon oil to protect it from further damage. Discard any general furniture polishes or the same polish which you have already used for the body of your guitar.

Use the right cleaner:

When you are cleaning the metal parts of your acoustic guitar, use a glass cleaner. Because only glass cleaner helps you to clean off any gunk, grease, or residue on these metal pieces. But don’t spray the glass cleaner directly onto your guitar rather you can spray it on the cloth.

Use a guitar polish if needed:

Use a guitar polish only if required. If you feel you need to use a polish on the body of the guitar after cleaning it, then use a specifically designed polish for guitars. The right guitar polishes are quite expensive but they don’t damage the finish on your guitar. You should spray the polish on the rag first and then wipe down your guitar.

Clean your guitar nut:

Very often dust and dead skin build-up on your guitar’s nut which can affect the sound and playability of your guitar. You should clean your guitar’s nut before you go ahead.

How to store your guitar when you are not playing

Store in a temperature variation and humidity:

Acoustic guitars are vulnerable to humidity and temperature. You should store these guitars in a humidity of 45% to 55%. Never store them in dry or very hot/humid places.

Put it in a case:

The top of most of the acoustic guitar is made of a single piece of pure wood, hence it breaks more easily than plywood. It is recommendable to keep your favourite guitar in its case when you are not using it.

Before playing the guitar always wash your hand. Because a lot of dust and grime which are on your hands can get stuck into the guitar. So, to keep your guitar in its best condition, always wash your hand before touching the instrument.

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