Should you consider a complete knockdown and rebuild?

Building a house is not an easy task and requires immense effort, money and time. Even renovation of a single room is a huge task so people usually delay it for as long as they can. The cost of the renovation is touching new highs every day as more people prefer renovation rather than rebuilding the entire structure which is the traditional way. If you contact a good home builder Adelaide, they will suggest you completely opposite of the traditional way of renovation. People these days have started to search cost-effective ways owing to their tight budgets and since the cost of the renovation is not the same as before anymore, the modern way of knockdown and rebuild approach is considered to be the best. 

If your family has grown in the recent past and you need more space for your family, instead of restructuring or renovating, you can knockdown and rebuild your house as you can easily build a duplex and double your space in the same amount of land you have. Also, if you want to use the same land for commercial purposes like building a hostel or rooms for rent, knockdown and rebuild is the best option you have. 

Things you must consider for knockdown and rebuild your house

Before making the decision to knockdown and rebuild your house, it is extremely important to assess your requirements and needs so that you don’t have any second thoughts in mind. There are a few things that you must consider if you are planning to rebuild your house which are given below

1. Do you really need to rebuild or just renovate?

This might be confusing for some people if they are not clear about their requirements. If it is just one room that needs to be modified to increase space, renovation will definitely solve the purpose but if you need extra space that is not possible through renovation, knockdown and rebuilding will be the best option. If a large part of the home will be demolished in renovation, you must always go for rebuilding. Apart from that, if the condition of your house is not good or it is too old, there is no point in renovating it.

2. Is knockdown and rebuild legal in your area

Knocking down a whole house is a lot of work and is a huge task. Lots of dusts, smoke and noise are all around the place due to the demolition activities. Apart from that, in some areas, knocking down a house which has reached a certain age or houses that hold a historical significance is prohibited. So, it is extremely important that you first take permission from the council who are authorised to grant permissions for demolishing as it requires a complete plan and you would never want to land into legal troubles after you have started the project

3. Budget you must consider

Budget is one of the main factors that decides whether you are renovating your house or rebuilding it. As mentioned earlier, knockdown and rebuilding a house requires a lot of money and you must be well prepared in advance for all the expenses. There are some of the best new home builder Adelaide who will definitely do the job for you keeping in mind your budget. Factors like design features of the house, measurements of the new house, materials to be used, services fees and fees of the contractors are some factors that cumulatively forms your budget.

4. Alternate place to live while rebuilding is in progress

It is very obvious that while the whole process of rebuilding is going on, you cannot live in the same house until it is ready to move in. You must search and alternate places well in advance even before the knockdown starts as you will be shifting your belongings to a new place as well. The whole process might easily take from 4 to 6 months so you must find a place accordingly.

5. Which contractor should you hire?

Contractor or the building partner will be the one who will be involved in the whole process of knockdown and rebuilding and it is extremely important that the contractor you are hiring knows his work and your requirements clearly so that there are no confusions whatsoever later. Finding a trustworthy and a reliable contractor is a tough job and make sure you give ample time in searching the best one for yourself. Money should not matter but the quality should be the factor you must focus on to get the best result.

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