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Who doesn’t dream about living in a ‘dream home’? Custom building a home can make this dream come true, only if you get the right builder. Otherwise, it can turn into a mess you never imagined. Building a home from scratch is an exciting experience but it can exhaust you physically, mentally and financially. It is a routine process for the builder, but for the customers, it is like realizing the dream. If you want to build the house exactly the way you have imagined, you have to be actively

You love the neighbourhood but not the house you are living in, what do you do? Well, most people will either think about getting their house renovated or remodelled to suit their changing requirements, taste or social status. That is why the trend of custom homes in Adelaide is gaining popularity. Taking this decision is not easy. You have to consider your family’s requirements as well. So, one question arises: should you renovate your house or build a new home in its place? Most people think renovation and remodelling are

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