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Digital innovations continue to enter the market, whilst some are revolutionary and fundamentally change the way we carry out everyday tasks, some enter the market and cause more pain and confusion than its predecessor. It’s vitally important to select the right vendor and the right solution to meet your pain points. The evolution of Image Recognition is one of the innovation success stories, thriving in the post covid environment. Image Recognition continues to evolve and improve the speed and accuracy of in-store activities. In my previous blog, I walked you

Technology is now ingrained in our daily lives. Today’s supermarkets are no exception; they resemble an integrated e-commerce platform rather than a real store. Sophisticated technology such as image recognition for retail or artificial intelligence image recognition can be exceptionally beneficial for the stores. A grocery shop employee may scan your purchase from the main website using artificial intelligence. They can also check through your basket to see if they have what you’re searching for with image recognition software. Softer AI is allowing companies to give their shops eyes, whether

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