Sevya welcomes all the customers with an array of wholesale fair-trade clothing and accessories. We feel honoured to be certified by the Fair-Trade Federation. Buying affordable fair-trade clothing is quintessential as it will not only uplift your style quotient but also ensures that all products which you have purchased were made to meet certain standard and quality.

What is fair-trade clothing?

Very often our craftsmen and artisans face slavery, exploitation, abuse, and disrespect throughout the supply chains in the fashion sector. If you purchased Fair-Trade Certified clothes, this ensures that the cloth or apparel which you have purchased is sweatshop free. And the workers were paid a healthy wage and all things are eco-friendly. Fair Trade USA is a third-party organization which certifies factories and companies throughout the world for more than 45 brands. This supports garment workers and artisans to lead their lives with dignity and respect. This also ensures empowerment of women work so that every woman get respect from society. The prime motto of fair-trade and ethical clothing is to produce ethical clothing which is accessible to the mainstream.

The top 5 value of fair-trading

 1. Fair trading practices:

All social, environmental and economic factors are covered through this area. The entire supply chain gets respect, and no organization is allowed to make a profit at another’s expense. Payment should be made quickly without any delay, and contracts should be maintained whether you are running a smaller firm or you are an eminent producer.

2. Fair payment :

This principle takes care of various aspects of payment including:

Fair prices: the price should be negotiated to find a good deal for everyone. Under this principle, you can incorporate a fair profit for selling your products.

Fair wages: Payment of fair wages concerning with local bodies. Give a healthy and standard wage to the workers and craftsmen so that they can earn a wholesome life.·       

Local living wage: Wages should equate to a fair amount for the region for no more than a 48-hour working week. This wage should cover other things like a decent standard of living, food, water, accommodations, and other expenses.

3. Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers:

Every company or organization should help and support impoverished and penniless producers so that they can come out of their insecurity and poverty. Always encourage them to lead an independent life by paying them a healthy amount against their effort.

4. Ensure good working conditions:

Every work environment should be safe and secured. Take special care of women workers and their security. Always provide adequate workspace to the workers. Take enough health and safety precautions to protect the workers.

5.  Promote ethical Trade:

All companies and organizations who have signed WFTO must agree to support, promote and share the message of the ethical trade community. This will encourage and improve manufacturing conditions and practices throughout the world. It will also give a boost up to the art and cultural activities of a nation.

Always try to purchase organic fair-trade women clothing to maintain yourself stylish and chic. Sevya is proud to be certified by the Fair-Trade Federation. Fair trading always gives benefits to the producers, sustainable clothing wholesale suppliers and the environment.

Every purchase you make in fair trading can create lots of differences and can make a huge impact on socio-economic activities.

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