6 tips for buying a block of land

If you are not fond of buying ready-made homes from volume builders, buying a block of land to construct your dream house would be the best choice. Building your house from the scratch gives a lot of freedom in terms of design, choosing the right builder, money spent and a lot of other things which in case of buying ready-made homes will never be possible. If you want your house from volume Builders Adelaide, you will not have to worry about the land but if you want your house to be constructed in front of you, a land must be purchased as a first step which might be a very long and tiring process as you cannot go wrong with it.

There are certain factors which you must keep in mind while you consider to purchase a land which are listed below

1.Location must be the top priority

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Deciding the location of the land in which your future house would be built is the most important decision and you must not make any mistakes in that. The location of the land you choose must be in the center of the city so that essentials places like schools, colleges, malls, shopping complexes and stores are easily reachable from your location. Apart from this, there must be some good hospitals nearby your location in case you need them in an emergency. Requirements of each individual are different but these basic things regarding location must definitely be kept under consideration.

2. Shape and Size of the land

Lofty Building Group Source: https://www.loftybuildinggroup.com.au/

While finalising the land, the second most important thing is the shape and size of the land. Try to purchase a land whose shape is uniform and even from all the sides as it becomes very difficult to build a house on uneven shaped lands. When it comes to size, try to finalise the size considering the extra space for gardens, pets house if any, Garage etc as these things can only be enjoyed in individual houses made by builders. The land must always be above the street level to avoid water accumulation during rainy days.

3. Face of the land

Many people have different choices and beliefs when it comes to deciding the faces of the land but in Australia, people usually prefer North-facing land blocks. North facing lands have many advantages like it is considered to be more environment-friendly, and provides more natural light to the whole property. In this way, you will not feel the need to switch on the lights during the day time and will be saving electricity bills considerably which will be very beneficial for your expenses. If the windows are designed and placed properly, you will never have to switch on the fans as well which will save more bills on electricity

4. Don’t neglect the soil quality

Before finalising the land, make sure to ask a qualified engineer to conduct a soil test. The satisfactory soil report would definitely motivate you to purchase the block and go ahead with the construction. The quality of the soils decides how good or bad will be the foundation of your house. Strength, reactivity, stability and quality are the few factors on the basis of which a soil is tested. If the soil does not perform well in any of the listed factors, the foundation of the house might be damaged or cracked which you would never want. 

5. Clear all government permissions

Before starting to build a property on the land you have purchased, it is very much essential to know if you are permitted to build that property or not from the government. Best thing would be to know all this even before you purchase the land. Make sure that the land is permitted for residential plots and not for commercial purposes as if something goes wrong after purchasing the land, all your hard earned money might be wasted and your dream of making a new house will never come true. 

6. Essential utilities

Make sure that the land you are purchasing is connected to all the essential utilities you will be needing. Gas, electricity, water etc are some of the basic requirements in human life and it is extremely important that the location you choose of your land is very well connected to all these resources. The land must not be in a rural area or else these resources would be very difficult to get and will be very costly. Without these resources your life would become very difficult as these are the basic needs. New home builders Adelaide will guide you to the contact numbers of the different service providers in that area who will provide you the essential connections.

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