Benefits Of Oil Free Air Compressors For your Manufacturing Plant

Industries around the world employ various techniques to reduce costs and improve the quality of the products. Various machines are used to maintain the quality standards of the products. One of such machines is an air compressor In Ahmedabad

The compressors come in two varieties which are ordinary air compressors and oil free air compressors

The oil free air compressors offer you standard compressed air required for the type of manufacturing you deal in. The oil free air is of great benefit for several industries. From keeping the product quality intact to ensuring safety, it does a lot. Let’s understand the benefits in detail. 

What Does Oil Free Air Means?

An ordinary compressor uses oil as a lubricant and coolant in the compressing process. The air is filtered after the process, but the traces of oil still remain in the air, which can be harmful in eatables and chemicals. 

Oil free air is generated from special compressors which don’t use oil as a lubricant. The air is free from any traces of oil, and that makes it a perfect fit for various critical industries. 

Benefits Of Using Oil Free Air For Manufacturing 

Oil free air is beneficial in many ways. Some of the most significant benefits of oil free compressed air are following. 

Reduces Contamination Risks 

Oil traces can cause buildup issues which in turn increase your maintenance hassles. Oil free air means no oil is used in the process, and that reduces your maintenance and replacement costs by reducing contamination. 

Oil contamination can also affect the quality of your product resulting in a bad brand image. Oil free air compressors wipe away all such worries.

Less environmental impact 

Oil free compressors are environment friendly as they don’t need regular oil changes. Once in 2-3 years makes it a highly eco-friendly option.

Reduced maintenance costs

Oil free compressors require maintenance, but when compared to oil-fueled compressors, it’s nothing. 

  • Oil needs to be changed once 2-3 years 
  • No need for oil filters 
  • No need to manage oil condensate 
  • No oil means longer life of air filters 
  • Reduced outage and downstream labour costs. 

Reduced Energy Cost

Oil free compressors are more efficient due to several reasons. First of all, there are no oil filters which means fewer components. Not only does it reduce electricity consumption, but also maintains pressure. 

Oil free compressors might cost higher but become affordable in the long run by saving energy costs. 

Which Industries Use Oil Free Air Compressors In India?

There is a long list of industries that prefer oil free compressed air. All these critical industries do so to maintain the quality and authenticity of their products.

Medical and pharmaceutical industries: Oil or moisture can change the composition of chemicals in medical and pharmaceutical industries. Oil free air ensures the manufacturing process doesn’t get affected as there is no contamination. 

Food and beverages: Both national and global food security associations approved the use of only oil free compressed air in the food and beverage business. Oil fueled air is not only harmful to the eatables, but it also adds a weird smell making the products hard to eat. The associations appreciate self risk management programs by manufacturers to ensure no contamination by air, water, and particles.

Electronics: Semiconductor and electronics is also a critical industry. Any contamination of oil or moisture can lead to severe issues. Since the industry manufactures sensitive products, contamination can lead to defects in the finished products. 

Textiles: Textile industry also requires high quality oil free compressed air. Pure air ensures the perfect working of the machines plus delivers high-quality products. No traces should pass from air to the product. 

Is Oil Free Air Really Worth The Hype? 

As a businessperson, you might find all the above-listed benefits vital. What do you think you can compromise on to opt for oil-fueled compressors. If one of these factors affects you, which is practically hard, you are good to go for oil-fueled compressors. But, if you work in any of the industries mentioned above, it is crucial for you to buy oil free air compressors in India.  

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