corrugated vs cardboard — understanding the differences between these packaging materials

There has been an astronomical rise in the demand of online shopping – thanks to the pandemic; this trend is going to stay here and how. But with a change in the shopping fad and behaviour, the ancillary industries have also worked up catering to the demands. For instance, the packaging industry has seen a colossal rise and the corrugated box manufacturers are facing demands like never before. Industries like Canpac are achieving higher growth through continuous innovations and development and the corrugated box manufacturers in Ahmedabad are offering a number of alternatives that can sync-in with the requirements of the packaging industry.

Every time when customers order online, the least they would expect is to have those products ordered damaged or broken. How much do we pay attention to the kind of packaging that is actually done to ship the product? However that is a very important decision because the right packaging can either create a lifelong relationship to the customer or can break it at once. It is not just the product that satisfies the customer but the functionality, method of delivery as well as the condition of the product that is finally delivered leaves an impact.

The impression of the container is vital and we cannot stress the point enough how much a broken container can impair the brand value. This is why the demand for corrugated boxes is getting higher than card boxes.

Understanding the differences

For layman, there are hardly any differences between these two materials because they apparently look similar and are mostly used to accomplish the same task. However, if you carefully looked into their structure, you will understand they have different purposes. For a cardboard carton, it is made of heavy paper pulp or thick paper stock. From product packaging to providing structural support for books or inserting them in apparels to keep them in shape, there are a number of uses of this material. However it does not provide much protection to the material inside. This means, it requires bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to keep the internal items safe when you are using cardboard boxes.

On the contrary, corrugated cartons are more than just a single sheet. It comes in three layers – outer inner and a middle one which is patterned in a pattern what is called fluting. It is a flexible material which is light in itself and given its structural composition, it can help in preventing shocks, avoid moisture or keep up with the temperature changes. Also, they have a higher level of assurance when they are used to store products in warehouses.

Making the right consideration before packing

Both corrugated and cardboard containers can be used for packaging. While cardboard is mostly considered when packing light clothing, cereals, cosmetics and likewise, corrugated is a better choice when it comes to packing and shipping for longer distances. This is because of the strong and durable nature of the material that stops from crushing the content inside. Additionally, the corrugated boxes can be customised into different shapes as required for a certain product.

Lastly, the sustainability and tidiness associated with the corrugated packaging has made it a popular choice for storing and transport of food products. The demand for grocery shopping as well as online meal services has seen the use of corrugated containers because it can protect the perishable items and avoid any forms of spoilage.

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