Crane and winch electronics: an in-depth look at winches

Crane and winch electronics

The popularity of winches is enhancing with today’s outdoor enthusiasts. The winches are used for a variety of works. It is imperative for you to decide the purpose for which you are seeking a winch.
Electric crane winch is widely used for installation on cranes and derricks as the main hoisting mechanism. Driven and run by electric power, these winches provide reliability and assurance so that they can comfortably lift a heavy load efficiently and safely. Ship automation provides the best crane and winch electronics machines that are designed with a range of capacities and sizes. All these machines are quite suitable for varied lifting requirements of the clients.

Types of electric crane winch

The electric winch can be designed for both slow speed or high-speed operations. The slow speed winch offers stable operation and accurate positioning. On the other hand, a high-speed winch is designed for higher efficiency. All the reputed spare parts companies provide both standard and custom design depending on the project requirement of the clients. Each type of winch is designed with proper features and functionalities for the job. If you need to lift a heavy load comfortably and quickly, a crane winch should be your first preference.

Features of an electric crane winch

Standard features are,
· Self-braking worm gear transmission
· Drum with cable fixing point at flange
· Large rope capacity and high-speed operation
· Outstanding corrosion resistance

Safety features

Whether you want to lift ta small or heavy load, you need to ensure that you are working with the best quality and reliable equipment.

· Overload limiter
· Limit switches
· Emergency stop
· Remote control
· Grooved drum

The prime components of an electric winch

An electric-powered winch mainly consists of electric motor, drum, rope, gearbox, brake and control system.

Electric motor the winch (for normal lifting purpose) is equipped with an ordinary motor (IP44). For explosive or combustible atmospheres, the winch possesses the correct explosion-proof motor.
Rope for general lifting purpose, a rope is chosen with a five-fold safety factor.
Drum the quality steel drum is required
Gearbox – This converts the motor power into large force. Different types of the gearboxes are available, such as worm gearbox, planetary gearbox and spur gearbox.
Brake – A normal lifting winch comes with a fail-safe brake system.
Controls – there are different control options such as pushbutton control box, remote control, reversing switches and cam control.
Paint system – a durable paint system is applied to the winch for astonishing corrosion resistance and improved appearance.

Stahl 9002/22-032-300-11 | Safety Barrier

  • Maker : Stahl
  • Model : 9002/22-032-300-11
  • Description : Safety Barrier


  • Maker : TTS
  • Model : SRK-03
  • Description : PCB

Macgregor hagglunds 214 1329-001A | Pcb card

  • Maker : Macgregor hagglunds
  • Model : 214 1329-001A
  • Description : PCB

Macgregor hagglunds 214 1329-001 | Pcb card

  • Maker : Macgregor hagglunds
  • Model : 214 1329-001
  • Description : PCB

Stahl 9002/22 | Safety Barrier

  • Maker : Stahl
  • Model : 9002/22-093-040-00
  • Description : Safety Barrier

Stahl 9303/11 | Transmitter Supply Unit

  • Maker : Stahl
  • Model : 9303/11-22-11
  • Description : Transmitter Supply Unit

Liebherr 927491014 | PCB Card

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 927491014 – 0002.554.07.00.021-000
  • Description : PCB Card

Liebherr 927491414 | PCB Card Comparator

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 915792414 – 0002.554.
  • Description : PCB Card Comparator

Liebherr 915792414 | PCB Card Power Stage

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 915792414 – 0002.554.
  • Description : PCB Card

Liebherr 915755514 | PCB Card

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 915755514
  • Description : PCB Card Comparator

Liebherr 929899814 | PCB Card (PC- Board Power Limitation)

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 927490614 – 0002.554.03.00.021-001
  • Description : PCB Card (PC- Board Power Limitation)

Liebherr 929688514 | PCB Card (PC- Board signal Absorpt)

  • Maker : Liebherr
  • Model : 929688514 – 0002.554.
  • Description : PCB Card (PC- Board signal Absorpt)

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