E-tendering-a great way to prevent corruption

E-tendering-a great way to prevent corruption

As technology has penetrated every sector, it brings a huge transformation to the way we work. With the grand entry of internet technology in the government sector, the traditional practice of tendering has been changed utterly. Various government organizations have felt the urgent need to improve their services so that they can address all the issues without interruption and difficulties. Everyone is aware of immoral and corrupt practices that happen at tendering and procurement boards levels. Thus, by adopting the e-tendering process, government and private sectors are trying to lessen corruption for government tenders. E-tendering brings transparency and offers easy accessibility to people. This also provides a plethora of other benefits, such as conducting business transactions on the internet.

Online tendering brings a chunk of positive factors in the process of tendering and business procurement. You can access online tendering at any time from any place. Let’s take a look at some prime benefits of e-tendering.

  • High level of efficiency
  • Mass reach
  • One can easily access information and details
  • Most importantly, e-tendering minimizes the tender processing costs of the public sector in terms of time and money.

Though e-tendering can minimize corruption to some extent, it has some limitations. It is no magic wand,” says Neel Ratan, PricewaterhouseCoopers India executive director. “The usage of e-tendering is a mixed bag, with some states using it to a great extent. But it is not a complete solution in itself.”

The advent of the internet has metamorphosed the entire process of tendering. Bidding for a tender online will offer an array of benefits to both the government and its people by lessening corruption while inviting bids for tenders. With e-tendering, time can be managed comfortably and things can also be handled more effectively. With the emergence of the online system, the tendering procedure has become less time-consuming and budget-friendly.

Everyone is aware of the disproportions and exploitation involving tender details that have escalated to such proportions that works are already being disseminated among the delegated quarters even before calling for bids. Because of this type of corruption, no foreign investors are interested in spending money here.

Though e-tendering offers unfathomable benefits, still, some positive factors of e-tender ought to be highlighted and brought to notice. People should understand that the process of online tender submission is quite facile and easier than manual tender submission. Even contractors, technologists and engineers have adequate knowledge of the benefits of e-tendering and the transparency that comes with online tendering. This is the utmost solution for combating corruption at the highest level in the tendering and procurement of business projects in various government and private sectors.

In India, e-tendering is getting popular day by day. Some enthusiastic users of e-tendering include Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. Karnataka is the first state to introduce an e-procurement system that was offered to other state governments and also to private companies for use by the government. The governments are encouraging the public to participate in the e-tendering process to run everything in a hassle-free way.

E-tendering shifts the process of bidding for government contracts completely online. Since no manual procedure is involved, it creates an accountability trail. These days, e-tendering is quite widespread within various government sectors. The ministries of civil aviation, communications, coal and information technology have already adopted the process of e-tendering, using the method for their tenders over the last few years.

The Central Vigilance Commission had in 2012 asked the government and public sectors to consider and follow the e-tendering process to lessen corruption at higher levels. E-tendering has also been extensively used since 2011 for the distribution of iron ore, prime raw material for the steel industry.

However, a lot of things should be covered to take the position in such a state where all contracts are awarded through e-tendering.

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