How To Prevent And Cure Food Poisoning With Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil

Food poisoning can happen due to multiple reasons. Food contamination is a very common issue and it can lead to food poisoning. Among many other treatments, the current popular treatment for food poisoning is the oil of wild oregano. The growing use of wild oregano oil Australia is due to its natural ability to cure without any side effects. The oil is quite easy to use as a medicine and has given better results than many other potential treatments.

What Causes Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning happens due to contaminated food. The contamination present on uncooked food surfaces is the most common reason for food poisoning. You can also get food poisoning by eating unhygienic cooked food or stale food.  Too stale food can develop bacterias which is a major cause of food poisoning.

Oregano Oil To Clean Food Surfaces

The contamination due to food surfaces is a major reason behind food poisoning and that’s why it is important to clean the surfaces well. The problem while cleaning the food surfaces is using chemical-based products can make things worse. The chemical products can penetrate through the surfaces and make the food unfit to eat which is another big contamination.
Oregano oil is a great cleanser when it comes to cleaning food surfaces. The oil can kill all the bacterias and germs from the surface of the food and leaves no bad effects.

What Do Studies Say?

Many studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of oregano oil to clean food surfaces. The results from the studies have provided oregano oil with a better option.
The food poisoning pathogen staphylococcus aureus can be eliminated with the help of oregano oil. The potential element of oregano oil, carvacrol plays the role here. According to studies, it’s carvacrol that does the job, but using natural oregano oil will also work the same.
The conventional treatment used for cleaning food surfaces is sodium hypochlorite treatment. Oregano oil displayed better results in killing the pathogen. The oil worked well and it eliminated the one strain of the virus in 15 minutes and soon eliminated the second strain as well.

How To Use Oil Of Wild Oregano To Treat Food Poisoning?

If you end up eating rotten food and get food poisoned, use oregano oil to get relieved. To treat food poisoning, you need to take oregano oil orally. The best way to consume the oil is taking oregano oil capsules.
After consulting with your doctor and knowing you are fit to consume oregano oil capsules, you can take 500mg capsules four times a day. The oil of oregano will kill the virus causing food poisoning and it will also boost your overall immunity.

Some Quick Tips To Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is not only uncomfortable, but it can also get dangerous if not treated properly. Severe food poisoning cases are really hard to deal with. Here are some quick tips to prevent food poisoning.

  1. Clean food well with oregano oil before cooking or eating it raw.
  2. Maintain your refrigerator temperature below 40 ℉ to prevent bacteria buildup.
  3. Separate meat from fruits and vegetables. Sort all the veggies and fruits well and store them well after cleaning.
  4. Make sure to cook the food well and eat it before it gets stale.
  5. Keep your kitchen counterparts, clothes, and chopping boards clean.
  6. Maintain good personal hygiene.

Oregano oil is a great solution to treat many problems and one among them is food poisoning. Using the right amount of oil is necessary for better results. To get better guidance on amount and usage, you can explore our products.

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