How to use oregano oil safely?

Oregano is an essential and favourable herb that is primarily used in Italian, Spanish, and Greek cooking. Wild Oregano oil Australia is very effective in treating several diseases. You must be astonished to know that Oregano Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, and Oil of wild Oregano are the three different terms and their uses are also different. Let’s take a deeper look.

·        Oregano oil is oil (often olive oil) that is infused with oregano. Though this oil has many medicinal uses, still, it is primarily used in making recipes.

·        Oregano essential oil (like all other essential oils) are distilled from plant matter and are extremely concentrated.

·        Oil of oregano is dilute preparation of oregano essential oil. You can purchase this from various online or offline shops. You can even prepare your oil.  

Never use essential oil (especially ingested) undiluted. Whenever ingestion is mentioned, oil of oregano would be your prime choice to use. Topical use of oregano essential oils must be diluted.

How to use oregano safely?

Use of Oregano

Oregano can be used in various cooking recipes to make them tastier and mouth-watering. You can combine dried oregano with other dried herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme and can make effective facial steam for loosening congestion and soothing coughing.

Oregano essential oil or Oil of Oregano uses

·        You can consume the diluted oil to uplift the speed of recovery during an illness.  

·        Oregano essential oil (diluted in coconut oil) can be used on skin infections to speed up healing.

·        You can mix it up with coconut oil as part of an oil pulling routine for healthy gums.

·        When diluted in a carrier oil, oregano essential oil can be taken internally. This can help you to deal with allergies.

·        You can run oregano essential oil diluted in olive oil on sore muscles and joints for relieving pain.

·        It can be diluted for effective use on athlete’s feet and fungal infections.

·        Diluted oregano essential oil helps to eliminate the body of ringworm when used topically.

·        When diluted, oregano oil is effective in removing warts on the skin.

·        Since oregano has such robust antimicrobial properties, it will help you to deal with many infections both internal and external.

Oregano essential oil treatments

·        Oregano oil is not suitable for open wounds.

·        However, this oil works well on the flu virus, colds, and even E. coli (from food poisoning). To lessen the period of a cold or prevent its onset when the first symptoms arise, don’t forget to use oregano essential oil in a steam container. Inhaling the steam can kill the cold virus germs.

·        An outdoor diffuser with oregano essential oil prevents pests. If you can combine it with a carrier oil, this will minimize itching from bug bites and rashes.

·        This essential oil (diluted in oil) also helps in treating cold sores, canker sores, toothaches, and sore throats.

·        This oil is good in treating both giardia and MRSA.

Is Oregano oil safe during pregnancy?

Don’t use Oregano oil during pregnancy because it is not safe for pregnant women. But culinary use of oregano leaf is considered fine during this time.

If you have experienced any of the below-mentioned conditions, consult with the doctor before using oregano. Because oregano may not be safe for you.

·        allergies to plants in the Lamiaceae (mint) family

·        bleeding disorders

·        diabetes

·        planning a surgery

Because of its highly potent nature, oregano essential oil must be diluted for use on the skin or if you are planning to take it internally. You must consult with your physician, before taking any herbs or starting any health routine.

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