Inspecting Air Compressors And Some Useful Maintenance Tips

Every machine requires servicing after some time to work fine. If you don’t inspect and detect the issue on time, your compressor will stop working. It will require major repairs and expected life will also decrease. 

Air compressor manufacturers suggest some great tips to maintain your compressor well so that it requires less servicing. But, no matter how well you maintain, it will require some mandatory changes every few days. 

How To Inspect Your Compressor For Servicing

Sometimes the compressor starts working slowly or its productivity decreases. Even some minor defect can impact the working of your compressor. Before you hire an expert, here are some ways to inspect the compressor yourself.

Even if the compressor is working fine, inspect your compressor to detect damages that are not affecting now but can lead to greater damages in future. 

Inspect The Manuals 

The simplest things are often overlooked and that’s why you need a reminder to take care. Check the console to detect any errors regularly. Inspect the manuals well and keep a record.

Check Moisture Level 

Excess moisture can hinder the smooth working of your compressor. The compressor accumulates moisture which needs to be drained. If you see excess condensation, it’s time to check the drain system. 


Compressors usually make noise. The advanced technologies have helped in reducing noise to some extent. If you feel your compressor is making too much noise or it has developed a weird sound, it can be a matter of concern. 


If you are facing frequent tripping breakers, it’s time to investigate the electrical circuit. If your power circuit shows no issues, it’s time to call for service.


If the compressor is producing extremely low or no pressure, the issue can be related to both internal and external parts. Try adjusting a few things and if that doesn’t work, get it serviced. 


My charger is not working, ohh I haven’t even plugged it. 

Check if your circuit is working and all the switches are working fine. If the problem persists, get it repaired.

Maintenance Tips

Taking care of a few things can help reduce the service cost. When you detect the problem at an early stage, it becomes easy to fix it. Also, when you take care of your compressor well, chances of damage decrease and it stays good for longer. 

Inspect Regularly

This goes without saying. 

Inspect your compressor regularly. Make a schedule and inspect every part accordingly. You might need to check a few things daily, a few weekly, and a few once a month. 

Prepare your schedule and keep a record of your compressor’s performance. 

Service Early

Don’t wait for the compressor to completely stop working. Get it serviced before time to make sure it works fine. 

Create a timeline of repairs and call for service when you need the equipment. Repairing on time will improve your productivity. 

Do Regular Cleaning

The outer cleaning is a different thing. The compressor also requires great internal cleaning. 

  1. Though it varies on the condition and type of your compressor, it is suggested to change the air and oil filter every 1000 hours. In addition to that, inspect the air filters every week to get rid of any dust or debris.
  2. The compressor needs to be lubricated. Check the lubricant level daily and make sure you change it every 4000-8000 hours depending on your compressor.
  3. The intake vents of the compressor should also be cleaned well. Check every week and clean as required. 

Grease And Change Equipment often

  1. The motor bearings of the compressor must be greased well every 2000 hours. You can also grease them sooner or later depending on your machine.
  2. Inspect the belts every week to make sure there is no tension or wear. Adjust the tension and change the belts when damaged. 
  3. Whenever you change the lubricant, also change the separator element. 

Air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad suggest checking the temperature, pressure, voltage, current, oil level, tension, moisture and other factors regularly. Inspect the overall unit every day to make sure there is no dirt or debris accumulating inside or outside the compressor unit. Follow the above tips and your compressor will demand less service.  

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