Myth: You Should Take Oregano Oil Internally Daily to Stay Healthy

oregano oil

One of the most common culinary herbs used in food is oregano. The demand for oil of wild oregano is not just limited for its cooking properties but it has been recognised to have antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, carminative and calmative properties. It has a long history as a flavouring agent but the popularity of wild oregano oil in Australia has also seen a rise and has been recognised as a safe choice for internal consumption.

However, there is a common myth which says that taking oregano oil internally on a regular basis can prevent you from getting sick. How much truth is there in this?

The fact is oregano has proved to be an effective treatment against the range of microorganisms but it is a hot oil which means it has a very aggressive reaction and can be even damaging to the internal tissues. This means it should not be inhaled as a respiratory treatment; more so when you have any doubt about the quality of the oregano oil. With solutions 4 health oil of wild oregano, people are generally not referring to the entire herb but to the essential oil from oregano. But it is important to understand that oregano oil, oil of oregano and oregano Essential oil are not necessarily the same thing when speaking about certified organic oregano oil or oil of oregano it refers generally to the entire herb which is infused in the form of a vegetable oil. So when you are considering the application of oil of wild oregano capsules, be very clear what are you using it for.

Generally the cold and flu virus infect our upper respiratory system. So, it is alright to have a treatment which will treat the germs of the respiratory system instead of getting inside the digestive system. The most abundant phenol that you will find in oregano is carvacrol. It has widely been used to stop the growth of the different types of bacteria when taken in controlled amount. Thymol, which is a natural antifungal compound is used to support the immune system which can support the body from different types of toxins. This is ideal for treating any forms of cold and flu and also soothe any irritation that happens in the respiratory system. But, it has been shown that carvacrol has blood thinning properties and there are studies which showed that it can cause embryonic cell death. So, it essentially means that there is no full proof reason to completely believe that having oregano essential oil that is available in the prediluted form as oil of oregano product can be very beneficial instead it can improve the risk of bleeding because it affects the mucous membrane and causes skin irritation.

It is always better to take a known medication with established risks rather than those with less established risks. Make sure that you are aware of the side effects of a proposed pharmaceutical before deciding on consuming something.

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