Reason Behind The Shortage for Gas Monitors

Reason behind the shortage for Gas Monitors

Gas monitors are an essential and vital equipment used in many industries. Gas monitors like biogas analyzer and emission analyzer are used extensively in industries to monitor and analyse different types of gases present in the environment and specially the harmful ones so that there are no risks for the employees working in the floor. Timely detection of harmful and poisonous gases ensure the safety of employees which ultimately keeps the expenses on check. There are various gas monitors available in the market and it completely depends on the nature of work, which monitors the company decides to buy and use. There is a portable emissions analyzer which can be taken to every place in the floor and the leaking gases can be checked very quickly at the same place. This saves a lot of time and effort but companies have to pay a few extra bucks for portable analyzers as they are costly. The Portable biogas analyzer does the same thing and is portable as well but is used in the measurement of biogas and not all the gases.

How is Global Gas Monitor Shortage Concerning for Us

Last 2 years have been really tough for the world, especially due to the pandemic hit where the world was at complete halt. Trains, buses, ships, FLights and all sorts of public and commercial transportation were completely disrupted which caused a major shortage for Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer. The acute shortage of critical items like semiconductors and plastics have in turn caused the shortage of gas analyzers. Since the supply got limited, manufacturing companies producing polyethylene nylon etc had to raise the prices, stop or delay production and some had to even completely close the factories.

Their materials might not impact our lives directly but these are essential parts for gas monitors which is why the shortage of these materials either directly created the shortage for gas monitors in some parts of the world or people had to buy them at increased prices. Now, although the business and economy is returning to pre-pandemic time in most of the countries, the third wave of the pandemic has returned to few countries resulting in lockdowns and other transportation restrictions. The demand for gas analysers has increased sharply as companies have not received them for the past 2 years but companies manufacturing gas analyzers are still not able to meet the global demands completely.

How to Deal with The Shortage

As discussed above, the shortage for gas monitors is global and the suppliers are not able to meet the increasing demands and giving the tentative deadline of 8 to 52 weeks for the delivery which means it can take even up to a year for one gas monitor to be delivered to you. Equipment like a combustion gas analyzer is vital in the industry and its shortage can cause a lot of discomfort to the companies and even life threats to its employees but since there is a shortage, alternate measures must be taken to resolve things until everything gets normal.

MRU gas analyzer is directly responsible for the safety of the employees so you can never ignore it but can use one gas monitor for several employees. Also, instead of using different monitors for every place in the floor, the same monitor (the old monitor in the stock) can be taken to every place and get the gases checked. This will surely add on to the overall time but if that time can save the life of hundreds of employees, it is completely worth it.

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