Some Great Ways To Use Oil Of Wild Oregano For Overall Health

Some Great Ways To Use Oil Of Wild Oregano For Overall Health

Is oregano oil the new superfood? Well, looking at the uncountable health benefits it offers, it can be called so.
The use of wild oregano oil Australia is not new. The herb oil is quite popular. It usually comes in two forms as oil of oregano and oregano essential oil.
People are taking oregano oil very seriously these days as the research on it increases and shows positive results.
If you are also here to know what makes oregano oil so talked about, let’s discover together.

What Is Oil Of Oregano?

Oregano oil is a popular herb oil known for its antibacterial properties. The oil is loaded with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature.
It has two important components named carvacrol and thymol which contribute to most of its properties. The oil of wild oregano is good for various ailments.
The oil can be taken both orally and topically and that’s why it’s equally beneficial for skin and internal infections. It is also known to boost immunity.

What Makes It A Super Herb?

The oil of oregano can treat various infections such as Candida. It also helps with cold, headache, and UTIs. The oil of oregano is also effective in improving metabolism which leads to better digestion. Apart from this, the oil of oregano can also aid weight loss.

Using Oregano Oil For Overall Health

Looking at such amazing benefits of oregano oil, everyone will want to consume it. However, if you are completely healthy and don’t need regular dosages of the oil, you can still use it in your daily life for improved health. Here is how you can use oregano oil for improved health.

As A Homemade Cleaner

Oregano oil works great as a cleaner. Not only is it gentle, but its antibacterial properties also help in a germ-free surface. Mix a few drops of oregano with water and store in a spray bottle. You can use it on surfaces like kitchen countertops.

For Repelling Insects

Bugs and insects not only irritate you but can also trouble you. The insects can eat away your plants and also cause some infections. Oregano oil is a great insect repellent and can be used without worrying about side effects on plants.
Probably the strong aroma of the oil is what repels the bugs.

Add Flavor To Your Dishes

Who doesn’t love Italian?
Kids are so fond of different cuisines and oregano is a must when it comes to Italian cuisine. Oregano spice is used in so many dishes, but have you tried adding oregano oil?
No, well it’s time to go for it. The aroma and the spicy taste of the oil will make your dish mouthwatering. A little bit of it will not take over the original taste and you will love the outcome.
Not only Italian, but you can also try this with other cuisines and enjoy the flavour. Boosted immunity comes free with this.

In A Diffuser

I love diffuser for several reasons.
The smell relaxes me. It helps with insomnia and promotes better sleep. And the best thing is when you diffuse oregano oil, you can also treat your cold.
It is as simple as it sounds. Add a few drops of oregano oil to the diffuser and turn it on. The aroma will make you breathe easily.

This is not all you need to know about oregano oil because the benefits are uncountable. These were a few ways to add oregano oil in your daily life without directly consuming it. If you plan to consume oregano oil, make sure you take proper guidance. And, always use it in diluted form for direct consumption or topical application.

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