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The power management system is an imperative part of operations onboard ships. These days, ship engineers are advised to incorporate the best power-saving practices while carrying out on various operations for the vessels or ships. Generator power management is a part of the power management system of the ship. The main power management system (PMS) comprises of two parts. · Automatic Power Management Systems (uses automation to save power) · By introducing the best practices and management guidelines reduces power consumption. These days, for modernised vessels, automatic power management system

The popularity of winches is enhancing with today’s outdoor enthusiasts. The winches are used for a variety of works. It is imperative for you to decide the purpose for which you are seeking a winch.Electric crane winch is widely used for installation on cranes and derricks as the main hoisting mechanism. Driven and run by electric power, these winches provide reliability and assurance so that they can comfortably lift a heavy load efficiently and safely. Ship automation provides the best crane and winch electronics machines that are designed with a

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